My name is Melita Ažman and I am the founder of the art2designCULTURE.

My core business is the development of graphic design projects, analyzing and writing of exhibition reviews, the curating of art exhibition projects and the participation within the organizations of a variety of art and cultural projects at home as well as abroad and the support of those entities.

I provide my services towards a large variety of art associations, galleries, museums as well as towards individual national and international professional artists. On an organizational level, I frequently participate in art symposia, and I am always open to new endeavors within the cultural climate.

Since 2014, I participated in a variety of projects for the Art Association Kranj (ZDSLU – Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies), of which I am also a member.

I finalized my industrial designer study at the School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana and in addition, I obtained a BA in Art History from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.

Art is a very extensive issue that covers multiple aspects within our lives and existence. We would not be able to imagine a world without art and it would result in a dull, poor and sad living situation. Design also engages a big part of our lives. Design stimulates our imagination and fascinates and inspires us again and again. With the implementation of art and design, we create a cultural climate that connects and defines us. We consider it very important to create a Legacy worth to remember as part of the bigger picture.



  • Special recognition for the professional and creative image of the 5th International Festival of Fine Arts Kranj – ZDSLU, 2016
  • Recognition for professional work and outstanding commitment at the 3rd International Festival of Fine Arts Kranj – ZDSLU, 2014


much more than just a graphic design …


As a professional graphic designer, art historian and curator in combination with the experience I have gained within the art world, I am capable to provide a structured and professional concept and product that will elevate the overall level of your project or activity.
Furthermore, I offer the development of a professional art review for projects (design, photography, architecture …) as well as the organization and implementation of art presentations with selected work by renowned artists.





For obtaining a specific price offer on the development of work on a project or activities, please feel free to contact me to make a brainstorm appointment. Upon obtaining and receiving all possible details regarding your project, I will provide you with a suitable, specific and optimized price offer.